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Who We Are

We are Food Stuff Importers based in Miami Florida with Experience of over 20 years we successfully supply imported Food Stuffs around multiple countries We also produce white label products and customize it according to our client’s requirements.

How Can We Help

With a very vast network that is expanding gradually, we provide the platform that enables our clients to grow. We can help our customers by providing them with quality, cost effective, reliable and a flexible service.

Our Basic Items

We deal in all basic grocery store items, confectionary items, food products, hygiene products and household goods.

Best Seller

We specialize in providing the range of natural, Qualityand Items for daily lifestyle.

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100% Natural

“Also Like the fact that I can pick my staples in the brown paper packs and glass containers at the zero waste section, with an idea to reduce plastic and also more convenient.”
Smitha - Cunningham Store
“Very happy to receive my order. Its so perfect, packing was very good and delivery is so quick also I'm very thankful to staff members.”
Rahab Munir - The Ogarnic Shop